PROFLIGHT STAY HEAR TIP (S) – غطاء اذن بوز برو فلايت (صغير)

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These are spare / replacement tips for your existing Bose headset. They
cannot be used alone.

Two pairs (4 tips total) of replacement
Bose Proflight 2 StayHear silicone
tips designed for improved in-ear stability, increased noise reduction and a
lasting, comfortable fit. The tips sit securely inside your ear and use the
ridge of your ear for added support. No need to push them into place.

  • Spare / Replacement Tips for your
    Bose Proflight
    Aviation Headset
  • Proprietary design creates a gentle seal to facilitate full-spectrum
    noise reduction
  • Spreads contact evenly across the ear to avoid pressure points
  • Helps provide consistent audio performance while maximizing noise
  • Made of durable, washable silicone, latex free
  • Size : small


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