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Over 3,000 slides of images from the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbooks. Software CD-ROM – This CD-ROM includes all the figures from the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbooks (General FAA-H-8083-30, Airframe Volumes 1 and 2 FAA-H-8083-31, and Powerplant Volumes 1 and 2 FAA-H-8083-32). Add professionalism, organization, and clarity to your classroom presentations with these PowerPoint® slideshows and graphics. The slides are categorized and labeled to make them easy to identify for the chapter and subject you want to use. The graphics can be viewed as a slideshow, or you can use individual slides in you own presentation. Over 3,000 slides are included from the General, Airframe: Systems, Airframe: Structures, and Powerplant FAA Handbooks and cover the Aviation Maintenance Technician knowledge requirements including: Mathematics and Physics, Electricity, Aircraft Drawings, Weight and Balance, Fluid Lines and Fittings, Cleaning and Corrosion Control, Aerodynamics, Assembly and Rigging, Airframe, Systems, Reciprocating Engines, Turbine Engines Powerplant Auxiliary Systems, System Requirements: CD-ROM drive, PowerPoint® software (Viewer included on CD).

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