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While no longer conducting formal type rating training, U.S. Type Ratings (formerly California Type Ratings) specialized in Citation initial type ratings and recurrent training. To assist his students, company president Jeffrey L. Glass produced this DVD video tape package designed to provide a head start on learning about the Citation. Sporty’s® is pleased to offer this exceptional package. Cessna Citation Systems, Preflight, Flight Check If you want to understand how the Citation systems work, learn in this video from a professional Cessna Citation and multi-engine jet instructor. DVD covers all 12 major systems of the Citation and explains in detail how each system works. Areas covered are normal, abnormal and emergency operation for each system, along with appropriate switches and knobs and dials for each system. Continue to adds to your systems knowledge what you need to know about preflighting and flying the Citation. A 40-minute flight shows you what your flight training and FAA exam will look like. Any pilot will find this DVD helpful in learning basic jet systems. Includes video study guide with systems oral preparation guide. Color, approx. 185 m

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