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Jeppesen Aviation Weather

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As a student private pilot it's easy to get too much dull information in front of you that must be sifted through to find practical pearls. Aviation Weather by Peter Lester comes closest of the many sources for weather information out there that gives relevant and beautifully formatted information in a succinct presentation.

It's hard to make METAR and TAF abbreviations readable to a new student, but this Jeppesen book trys to at least tie them in with all the other weather information available, and show many different sources available to pilots for their preflight briefing.

This dynamic new text book from Jeppesen Sanderson uses proven study methods to help the reader understand the atmosphere in which they are operating. Detailed information is presented in an uncomplicated way, highlighting key terms and FAA examination material.
An invaluable reference source for the student of Aviation Weather - pilots of all levels of experience will benefit from a greater understanding of the flying environment.

Features more than 300 full colour illustrations and photographs.

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